Our Approach

Person Centred

ReSet follows a person centred approach.  We seek to understand each person’s distinctive story and work in partnership with clients to develop goals. Together the client and ReSet case worker will tailor support to the client’s unique needs, situation; and cultural and spiritual considerations. This enables clients to create individualised plans that will work for their unique circumstances.

This also means we respect and recognise cultural diversity, and are responsive to people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and their communities. This includes respecting the culture, history and importance of land and kinship to Aboriginal people.

Strengths Based

ReSet’s focus on strengths is related to our person centred approach. ReSet case workers work alongside clients focusing on and promoting strategies that identify and enhance a person’s strengths, capabilities and resources.  This practice approach empowers individuals and families by recognising their inherent strengths and empowering them to use these strengths to address the challenges they may encounter.

A strengths based approach is also consistent with Aboriginal ways of working which see the importance of reinforcing the belief that people have the capacity to manage their own behaviours and emotions in the context of their specific circumstances.

Complementary to and relying on a strengths based approach is the idea of collaborating with the client in an equal and reciprocal relationship that draws on the knowledge, ability and resources of both to develop solutions that are tailored, successful and sustainable. As such, at ReSet, we recognise the importance of understanding the needs of the person and engage them closely in the design and delivery of services. In practice, this means that ReSet involves clients and their families at every stage of designing and delivering support services.

Family and Community Approaches  

At ReSet we understand that individuals live within networks of social relationships and that relationship with family, friends, community, culture, and the broader society may be useful in driving improvements in wellbeing.

ReSet recognises the centrality and importance of family life for most people and takes a family sensitive approach in the work that we do. This means that we take into consideration the familial and broader social context of the person and we understand that an individual’s family may be both a motivator for behaviour change as well as a potential stressor. Being family sensitive involves focusing on the strengths and assets of families and viewing families as resources and partners in the delivery of services to clients. ReSet’s family sensitive approach is individualised, comprehensive and flexible and is based upon open communication, respect for families and an understanding of family needs.

We also recognise that individual and family functioning is dependent upon the social support available within local communities. ReSet case workers incorporate an understanding of these factors and the importance of social connectedness; and support clients and their families to develop effective social networks. case workers support clients to draw on their family, community and cultural connections to establish or maintain a sense of belonging and purpose. This may involve support to participate in community and social activities.