Parenting Advice and Support

Positive Parenting Relationships
Parenting can be hard work. When a person is in prison, it can feel even more difficult because they can’t be involved in day-to-day, hands-on activities and decisions. ReSet can help clients to find ways to be the kind of parent they want to be. ReSet can help clients and their partners to work together in their parenting roles so that they feel more confident and comfortable being a parent. ReSet case workers will provide support that suits clients’ needs whilst they are in prison and once they are released.

This support may include:

  • One-to-one individualised parenting advice, support and advocacy
  • Pre-release parenting advice and skills development
  • Individual support for pregnant women and those with children residing in prison
  • Linkages and Referrals

ReSet also has a number of parenting group programs available for delivery within prisons, including:

This is a module based program to reconnect incarcerated fathers to their families. It runs weekly for two hours over 6 weeks with additional re-entry sessions to develop a plan for contact with children and their mothers upon exit from prison.

  • Module examples:
    • Family history and the Inside Out Dad
    • Showing and handling feelings
    • Communication
    • Children’s growth, development and appropriate discipline
    • Working with Mum and co-parenting

This program has two components – Mother’s Group and Stay and Play Support Play Group.

The Mothers’ Group consists of 10 x 2 hour sessions. Frequency of the group is flexible based on needs of the clients and prison.

Key themes:

  • Building and valuing relationships
  • Child development
  • Effective parenting
  • Active Parenting

The Stay and Play Support Play Group

Weekly, hour long facilitated play groups. Open playgroups which can support mothers/carers not involved in the Mothers’ Group.

Aim to enable mothers and children to re-establish relationships in a supported environment.

Facilitated module-based program utilising videos and facilitated discussions in correctional facilities and in the community

  • Primary client: mothers and fathers with children aged 5-12
  • Correctional facilities: 2 hour groups over 6 weeks
  • Community: facilitated on a family basis and tailored to the needs of the offending parent, non-offending parent and the wider family

Core foundations include:

  • Respect among family members
  • Non-violent discipline
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills training
  • Family enrichment and encouragement

Module examples

  • Natural and logical consequences for children and young people
  • Importance of family communication
  • Developing effective problem solving skills

3 hour programs:

Making Connections

  • Strategies and tips for creating strong connections between mother and children of all ages.
  • Practical and fun ways to let children know that parents love and care for them.

Disciplining with Love

  • Simple and effective strategies for disciplining children.
  • Set boundaries to create harmony in the household.

Creating Routines

  • Learn how to create family, daily and weekly routines.
  • Techniques to create a more harmonious household.
  • Learn to make a weekly timetable.

The Magic Coat

  • Interactive Mother and child workshop.
  • Children will learn techniques for anxiety and stress management.
  • Consistent communication techniques.
  • Parents learn to care for children with anxiety.
  • Parents learn to support their children.
  • Creative activities.

Purpose of Workshops:

  • Mothers given strategies and tips for creating strong connections between themselves and children of all ages.
  • Mothers learn practical and fun ways to let their child know that they are loved and cared for; and to establish strong bonds.
  • Participants will also learn simple and effective strategies for disciplining children in a way that still shows love and care for the child.
  • To help parents understand how to set boundaries and create harmony in households.
  • Module based program to enhance attachment security between parents and their children
  • Post release program specifically for parents with high risk toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • Will be available to some parents for one on one sessions in a custodial setting

Module examples

  • Exploring a child’s needs around the ‘circle’ of attachment
  • ‘Being With’ on the Circle
  • The path to secure attachments
  • Rupture and repair in relationships